RV Daily’s Top 10 Articles of 2020.


Here we go, ladies and gentlemen. RV Daily’s countdown of our Top 10 articles of 2020. Let’s see what sparked your interest during this most difficult year.

2020 wasn’t exactly the year we all expected to endure thanks to the devastating bushfires early in the year and, later, with COVID-19 turning all our lives upside down. We here at RV Daily haven’t been immune to the effects of what 2020 has delivered but, judging by the readership numbers, we have managed to keep you entertained and informed during the year and, dare I say it, given you something to do while you were in lockdown.

So without further ado, here’s our countdown of RV Daily’s top 10 most read articles of 2020.

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No. 10: BBQ Grudge Match: Weber vs Ziggy

Our not so grey nomad, Marty Ledwich, pretty much admitted he spent an unhealthy amount of time trawling through the caravan and camping groups on Facebook. As a result, he figured he should reignite the great BBQ Grudge Match: Weber vs Ziggy and try to pick a winner once and for all. It was a close call but one managed to land a final blow to come out in front at the bell. Click the title to find out who won.


No. 9: Caravan weight check: how do your numbers stack up?

It’s an issue we’ve written about over and over, but some caravanners still crave information about weights. Thanks to Dave Lewis from Weighcheck, who took us through some of the interesting facts and figures he has amassed during the past three years of weighing all sorts of wheeled contraptions. His insights are required reading for us all.

No. 8: Why are disc brakes not usually fitted to caravans?

Given the widespread use of disc brakes in our towing vehicles, you might wonder why the technology isn’t used widely in caravan hardware. Our editor Tim took a closer look at the question and came up with an interesting answer. Click on the title to find out.

caravan water pressure valve

No. 7: Five-Minute Mods – Restore your caravan’s water pressure

During the lockdown, the water pressure in Marty’s caravan reduced to a dribble. Curious to find out what to do about it he did a little investigating and this is what he found. In our most popular 5 Minute Mod of 2020, Marty showed us how to fix this common problem, all without medication. (So he says)

No. 6: The definitive guide to the caravan toilet cassette

Once again, Marty came up with a little lockdown wisdom, but even we were a bit sceptical about his enthusiasm for this subject. Turns out, you guys and gals were more than curious. Marty’s definitive guide to the caravan toilet cassette answered all your difficult, after-dinner questions. New caravanners…take notes!

guide to caravan toilets

No. 5: Doing the numbers on caravan toilets!

Not to be outdone, at least where caravan dunnies are concerned, our editor Tim ran the numbers on the various types of caravan toilets and came up with this guide on what option you should choose for your next RV. From the humble bush dunny to the gravity-fed variety, Tim left no stone unturned and no pooh related pun unintended!


No. 4: How to reduce your caravan’s load by 200kg!

We’re not sure if its a happy coincidence or an unfortunate indication of where our minds are at, but it is uncanny that this follows on from No. 5, in subject title only, of course. Pooh humour aside, if your caravan has a weight problem, Marty showed us how to reduce our load by 200kg without resorting to laxatives. Oh…I’m sorry. I did it again. It’s all Tim’s fault.


No. 3: Caravan solar: You’re doing it wrong!

As the readership numbers show yet again, solar power is a tricky subject to get right. Marty reckoned he had a eureka moment about solar power and it proved to be popular with all of you, and for good reason. We’ve got it terribly wrong when it comes to roof-mounted solar panels. Click the title to find out why.

No. 2: Is a long idle killing your diesel engine?

Wes Whitworth certainly knocked the ball over the fence for six with this article. He asked Tony at Motovated Turbo and Mechanical in Toowoomba is idling our diesel tow vehicle for an extended period sending it to an early grave. Tony’s 30-odd years of experience and his advice should put some minds at ease and some myths to bed. A great read for anyone who owns a diesel-engined tow tug.

A bow and D shackle

No.1: Do my caravan shackles have to be yellow?

It is fitting in a year when COVID-19 wouldn’t go away, so too did the question of ‘do my caravan shackles have to be yellow?’ Thankfully, our editor Tim did some investigating and, in this, our most popular article of 2020, he answers the question once and for all. Now if only Tim could come up with a cure for COVID-19…..! No pressure mate.

From all of us here at RV Daily and Pat Callinan Publishing, we wish all our readers and followers a very happy new year. May 2021 be a much better year for you all.

Safe travels.

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What cheeses me off? Drivers who refuse to fit towing mirrors.

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