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Suncamper gets Cape York ready with their new Conqueror 2.0

Introducing the redesigned Suncamper Conqueror 2.0, offering legit off-road capability and comfort. Learn more here.

Dex Fulton Dex Fulton

Dream Drive’s KumaQ lands in Australia

Dream Drive campervans have made their debut in Australia. Check out the…

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Take a walk through this 4WD converted HiAce campervan

From the 180 awning to the custom fit-out, Mark Allen takes us…

Mark Allen Mark Allen

Introducing Trakkit, the revolutionary new system that could make your DIY van dreams come true

Trakkit is the revolutionary new modular kit system from TRAKKA that makes…

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Latest Motorhome & Campervan Info

TRAKKA sets a new standard with their MY25 range

TRAKKA has leaked its new MY25 specifications, which are full of stand-out features that set a new standard in compact RVs. Learn more here.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

How I built a 4×4 HiAce campervan

Say what? A 4x4 Toyota HiAce? You betcha! High and low range, diff locks, the lot. Here's how I converted by HiAce to a 4x4 campervan.

Mark Allen Mark Allen

Kimberley Kampers unveils the Kruiswagen

After 30 years of innovation across their range of campers and caravans, Kimberley Kampers has finally unveiled a motorhome. Learn more here.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Winnebago’s all-electric, zero-emission RV has been unveiled

American lifestyle product manufacturer, Winnebago, has revealed its highly-anticipated electric RV prototype, the eRV2, in response to the growing demand for sustainable forms of road travel. A fully-operational prototype of…

Remy Taylor Remy Taylor

These luxury RVs are bonkers for all the right reasons

Strap in and hold onto your cowboy hats because we’re about to take you on a wild ride through the world of over-the-top luxury RVs.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

The campervan with just the right amount of luxury

Avida's new motorhome, the Avida Diversion appears to have just the right amount of luxury to be the escape we all need in life sometimes.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

The best five motorhomes under $150k in Australia 

You can jump behind the wheel without having to sell a kidney in exchange for your freedom. If your budget is $150K and under, this is the article for you.

Jess Olson Jess Olson

The best off road motorhomes to escape the mundane 

Whether you like to rough it in style or luxury, we’ve rounded up five of the best off road motorhomes to escape the mundane.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Check out this new AWD motorhome from Vanlife by Roadtrek

Vanlife by Roadtrek has released a new off-road motorhome designed to tackle Australia's bumpiest roads in comfort. Learn more here.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Introducing Q-Box: versatile, revolutionary and ready for your van

We take a look at the brand new german built Q-Box, a new solution for those who use the one vehicle for work and play. Learn more here.

Sam Young Sam Young

The new TRAKKA Akuna A2M-E motorhome makes it easier to get off-road

The new TRAKKA Akuna A2M in 4Motion all-wheel-drive motorhome is here and it's already been put to the test. Check it out here.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Pleasure Way head off-road with the REKON 4X4

RV giant Pleasure Way dips its leg in the water with the uber-capable REKON 4X4. But are the specs enough to justify the price tag?

Dan Everett Dan Everett

The Kombi spirit is back with the new VW Crafter Kamper

Volkswagen has partnered with Aussie RV specialist, Jayco to create a brand new modern camper in the VW Crafter Kampervan.  Learn more here.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

The new 2022 Avida Fremantle Motorhome has launched

The new MY2022 Avida Fremantle Motorhome has been released and it's just WOW. Learn more about the features of the Avida Fremantle here.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Winnebago Is Going Electric, But Only Just Down The Road

Winnebago recently revealed the e-RV, an all-electric motorhome concept. Here's what we know about this new Winnebago electric RV.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

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