Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2024 updates – what’s changed?

We take a look at the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport's 2024 updates, where not much has…

Dex Fulton Dex Fulton

Ford F150 Lightning: Australia now has an electric 4×4 towing ute – Is it for you?

You can now buy an F150 Lightning in Australia, the all-electric version…

Robert Pepper Robert Pepper

RAM Trucks celebrates its 30,000th truck with a no-deposit EOFY deal

RAM Trucks are celebrating the remanufacturing of its 30,000th vehicle - a…

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Volkswagen moves to trial new kangaroo car deterrent

Tens of thousands of drivers hit kangaroos on Australian roads every year…

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

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Isuzu expands the 2024 MU-X range with a smaller engine – but what about towing?

Isuzu has expanded the 2024 MU-X range with a smaller, 1.9L 4-cylinder turbo-diesel engine. But what about towing? Does it still hold up?

Dex Fulton Dex Fulton

New Toyota Prado 2024 to arrive mid-year with 48V tech and retro-inspired styling

The new Toyota Prado 2024 is set to arrive in Australia by mid-2024, with retro-inspired styling and 48V tech across the entire range.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

5 reasons the new 2024 Mitsubishi Triton could be your next tow vehicle

The new 2024 Mitsubishi Triton isn’t just a better four-wheel drive, it can now compete as a better tow vehicle. Here's five reasons why.

Evan Spence Evan Spence

Toyota recalls LandCruiser 300 and Tundra over potential brake clutch disc issues

Toyota has initiated a recall on certain Toyota LandCruiser 300 and Tundra vehicles. Learn more and see if your vehicle is affected here.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Toyota unveils hydrogen pilot program in Australia

Toyota has introduced a hydrogen pilot initiative in Australia, unveiling a prototype HiAce. Learn more here.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Take a walk through this 4WD converted HiAce campervan

From the 180 awning to the custom fit-out, Mark Allen takes us on a walk-through tour of his 4WD converted HiAce campervan.

Mark Allen Mark Allen

Big Horn RAM makes big sense

The king is dead, long live the king. The outgoing DS RAM 1500 Express has been replaced with the DT RAM 1500 Big Horn and it makes one hell of…

Dan Everett Dan Everett

Toyota’s new 70 Series promises more tech and better towing ability – but at a cost

40 years on the market and 15 years since its last major update, but is the 2024 model the 70 Series we’ve been waiting for? Or is Toyota just keeping…

Dan Everett Dan Everett

Will the new Prado be Toyota’s best-value tow-tug?

After more than a decade from the last overhaul, Toyota’s new 250 Prado is a wild departure from Toyota’s conservative playbook. But is it enough to make it a go-to…

Dan Everett Dan Everett

Nissan’s new e-4ORCE: a glimpse into the tow rigs of the future

Nissan’s X-Trail boasts more torque than a GU Patrol and 6L/100km thanks to new smart tech. Keep reading to learn more.

Dan Everett Dan Everett

In the market for a new vehicle? This might sway you to consider an Amarok

VW are taking RV travel seriously with a huge list of factory-backed options to turn your Amarok into an outback-ready tourer.

Dan Everett Dan Everett

Why the new Triton could be your next tow-tug

Longer, larger, and more powerful than ever, the 2024 model has us asking the question - could the new Triton be your next tow-tug?

Dan Everett Dan Everett

This feature from Ford could save your marriage

AI has landed on the 2023 F150s by way of Trailer Hitch Assist, and it’s pretty darn handy actually. Learn more here.

Dex Fulton Dex Fulton

What the? HiLux goes hybrid?!

Toyota Australia announced recently that the 2024 HiLux models will come with a 48V Technology mild hybrid system. Here's what we know.

Dex Fulton Dex Fulton

Ford quietly added an anti-trailer-sway system and it’s a game-changer

Innovation is an oft-used word, but this new feature from Ford is worthy of the praise. Learn more about their anti-trailer-sway system here.

Robert Pepper Robert Pepper

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