The problem with lithium metal batteries and the simple solution that could revolutionise EV range

Researchers from Stanford have had a breakthrough in the challenges posed by lithium metal batteries…

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

How to help your portable fridge run ice-cold in a heatwave

As temperatures soar during a heat wave, keeping your 12V portable fridge…

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Total Vehicle Management System…and why it’ll change the way you camp

Dex Fulton takes a look at the new REDARC Total Vehicle Management…

Dex Fulton Dex Fulton

RV batteries: What you need to know about them for trouble-free touring

Confused about RV batteries? Read this guide to learn everything you need…

Linda & Grant Hanan Linda & Grant Hanan

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First look at the new Lightforce BEAST LED driving lights

RV Daily's sister publication, Unsealed 4x4, recently had a special delivery. Yep, they managed to get their hands on a set of the brand new Lightforce BEAST LED driving lights.

RV Daily RV Daily

The best way to set up your caravan camera

We take a look at caravan camera integration with Advanced Ice and why using your vehicle's pre-existing screen is the best way to go.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Projecta unveils innovative Pro-Wave Sine Wave Inverter Range

Projecta, a renowned name in power solutions, has introduced its latest innovation - the Pro-Wave Sine Wave Inverter range. Learn more here.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Is 240V cooking a viable option for long-term off-grid travel in an RV?

Mark Allen shares his experience of cooking with 240V appliances in an RV with no access to mains power. Is it a viable option in the Aussie Outback for extended…

Mark Allen Mark Allen

How to make your solar setup outlast your rig

Your solar setup is pretty robust, but it doesn’t mean it’s infallible. Here's some cleaning & maintenance tips for your solar panels to ensure they last.

Dan Everett Dan Everett

Review: one year on with a set of Lazer Sentinel Elite LED driving lights 

Stefan Fischer from AllOffroad has tried and tested the Lazer Sentinel Elite 9" LED driving lights. Watch his comprehensive review here.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Spotlight on the best 12V upright fridges

We take the hassle out of researching and buying 12V upright fridges / freezers with our handy buyer's guide. Every major brand is covered!

Dan Everett Dan Everett

How solar-generating awnings and windows will change the way you camp

Solar panel windows? an RV awning that generates electricity from the sun? The future might be closer than you think. Learn more here.

Dan Everett Dan Everett

Got power problems? Check out the new lithium battery and inverter range from REDARC

Got power problems? Or just need more of it? Check out the new REDARC Alpha 150 lithium battery and RS3 pure sine wave inverter range.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Hit the road, Jack – the future of 12V is portable

An easier and more portable alternative to a wired-in 12V dual battery system, the future of RV and camping is with portable power stations.

Dan Everett Dan Everett

Camping fridges: chest vs upright vs drawer fridges

When it comes to camping fridges, it boils down to chest vs upright vs drawer fridges. We take a look at what fridge is right for your setup.

Dan Everett Dan Everett

2023 buyers guide to getting a portable fridge for camping

Looking at getting a portable camping fridge? You’ve come to the right place. I’m going to walk you through everything you need to consider.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

REDARC’s TVMS Rogue Control Module is here

We’ve taken a deep dive into what the TVMS Rogue Control Module will offer the outdoor community to help you decide if you need it!

Jess Olson Jess Olson

How to set up your caravan or trailer for off-grid travel

Want to stay longer off-grid in amazing campsites? Here's what you'll need to consider for any off-grid caravan or trailer set up.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

I’ve been charging my devices for free with these personal folding solar panels

Projecta recently upgraded its COMPAC series of personal folding solar panels and we put one to the test. Here’s how it went.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

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