Philip Lord

Phil started as an automotive writer 27 years ago, with his first published article in The Canberra Times on the RV boom in the USA. Since then he has spent much of his career getting muddy, dusty or soaking wet in the pursuit of 4WD and RV journalism. Since buying his first caravan 10 years ago, Phil has owned a patchwork quilt of caravans and camper-trailers, from a 300kg teardrop to a tandem-axle Windsor Windcheater. While tow-testing vehicles and reviewing caravans is his stock in trade, Phil is particularly interested in the technical elements of RVs and towing. Phil has worked for a broad spectrum of automotive titles since 1993, such as Overlander, 4WD Monthly, Wheels and Go Auto. His current tow-vehicle project is a P38 Range Rover Vogue.
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