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Toyota are building an RV for the moon with help from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

NASA and JAXA have signed an agreement that will see Japan design, develop and operate…

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Shut up and take my money: This lightweight slide on camper has an ensuite

We take a look at Active Campers' Vantage 2.4, a slide on…

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

EarthCruiser’s Extreme range just got more extreme with a 6×6

EarthCruiser Australia has unveiled a go-anywhere 6x6 based on the Landcruiser 79…

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Like to do things a little differently? This UFO-style camper might be for you

Do you like to do things a little differently? Good, then you're…

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BeTRITON has launched a new amphibious camper trailer that you can tow with your eBike

BeTRITON has launched a new amphibious camper trailer boat that you can tow with your eBike. Learn more here.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Slide-on campers for electric trucks are here…now we just need the trucks

EarthCruiser are well known for making epic expedition campers and they're now moving into the EV space with slide-on campers for EV trucks.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Check out the Romotow T8 caravan valued at over $375K NZD

We reckon the Romotow T8 looks like it has been plucked out of our sci-fi dreams and dropped into our reality. 

Remy Taylor Remy Taylor

From Tesla Cybertruck to luxurious camper: the $34,000 attachment

The Cybertruck just got a major upgrade with the “Space Camper” attachment. Transform your Cybertruck into the ultimate mobile home!

Remy Taylor Remy Taylor

An electric camper to keep your eyes on

Said to launch later in 2023, this eco-conscious home on wheels is an accessible option to get your hands on an electric camper.

Amy Fraser Amy Fraser

This workplace-on-wheels prototype is amazing

You can have the office and the ability to get away from it all. Check out why we reckon the NOMADPro is pretty damn cool.

Jess Olson Jess Olson

RV builds: Norman The Bus has us dreaming of #buslife

We love a good DIY RV build and 'Norman The Bus' has all of us here at RVDaily dreaming of living the #buslife. Check him out here.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

RV like the Jetsons with the Switchblade flying car

Samson Sky has invented the Switchblade flying car and it's probably the coolest thing to come true from the Jetsons yet. Learn more here.

Sam Young Sam Young

Love boating and caravans? Just get a Caracat

Torn between a love of boating and caravans? Now you don't have to choose. Check out the Caracat for an impressive take on the amphibious RV.

Paul Todd Paul Todd

Is this the world’s oldest vintage RV?

Is this the world's oldest vintage RV? Motorhomes build on a Ford chassis are nothing new but it seems we’ve been doing it since Ford have actually been building the…

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Offline Campers released a toy hauler and it’s really awesome

We take a look at Ryder, a new toy hauler from Offline Campers. Now you don’t have to choose between a love of bikes and touring the outback.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Is this 60-year-old classic Volkswagen the most unusual you’ve ever seen?

VW Classic Vehicles have just rebuilt what in engineering terms, is probably the most unusual VW T1 ever and it's a dead-set show stopper. Learn more here.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

BeTRITON – The amphibious camper trike with space for your pot plant

Learn more about the BeTRITON, an amphibious camper trike that's 100% electric and sleeps two. There is even room for your favourite plant!

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

This cool Camper from Beauer expands like a telescope to 3 times its size

French camper manufacturer Beauer has created a unique camper that expands up to a whopping 3 times its original size. Here's what we know.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Texino Atrium – The RV with a giant window to the world

LA based Texino have just built their much anticipated Texino Atrium prototype featuring a giant window to the world. Here's what we know.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

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