The Many Faces Of Happy Campers

Happy Campers is a video series by Let’s Go Caravan and Camping that is uncovering the personal stories of Aussie caravanners and campers. Any camper knows that you meet wonderful people from all walks of life out on the road – it’s what makes road tripping so interesting. So who have we met in the last few weeks?

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The Camping Lovebirds
Jenni and Thorsten are Happy Camper lovebirds! Who knew that, “Do you like camping?” could be such an effective pick up line? Thorsten did! Jenni answered that she LOVES camping and soon after, they got together on a camp trip. They’ve been camping together for over 10 years now and love how caravanning allows them to just be themselves and spend time with each other.


The Boys Camping Weekend
Wayne has been taking an annual boy’s camping trip since 1988 when his son Ben was just a young fella. These days Ben and his mates have families of their own but they all still make time for the boy’s weekend with Wayne. It’s a time to get away from it all and talk about the challenges they face and help each other out.

The Extended Family
The Mills family are a young couple with three children, but starting their family wasn’t easy. Many IVF cycles later they had success but sadly, Grandma passed away before seeing her first grandchild. Grandma’s best friends, Ma and Pa, have stepped in as extended family for the Mills family and now they all enjoy caravanning holidays together. One big happy family!

The Gay Nomads (not grey yet!)
Lynne and Linda have been travelling around Australia in their motorhome for eight years and say caravanning and camping really sorts out a couple’s bond. When people ask them why they keep going back to the same places, they say it’s always about the people you meet each trip – all sorts! The friendly and diverse mix is what creates the richness of road trip travelling.




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