REDARC releases new Tow-Pro Universal Wiring Kit Range

ByJosh NeedsApril 1, 2020
REDARC releases new Tow-Pro Universal Wiring Kit Range

To help make your car ready for towing a little easier, REDARC has released a new universal Tow-Pro Elite wiring kit range and reduced its range from 11 to three.

REDARC has announced it’s reducing the number of Tow-Pro wiring kits from 11 to just three. The wiring kits provide a Plug and Play-style connectivity, making the installation of a REDARC Tow-Pro Elite simpler and more convenient. Each kit includes the required hardware and fitting instructions to provide a reliable outcome for each installation while also protecting the vehicle.

The three kits available are: Universal Tow-Pro Wiring Kit (#TPWKIT-013), which is designed for vehicles where the starter battery, Tow-Pro unit and cable run to the cabin are all in-line. The Universal Tow-Pro Extended Wiring Kit (#TPWKIT-014) for cars where the starter battery is on the other side of the vehicle from the rest of the Tow-Pro installation. Finally, the Tow-Pro Wiring Kit to Suit Ford Ranger and Everest (#TPWKIT-012), will remain available because it works seamlessly with all Ford on-board systems. The difference between the #TPWKIT-013 and #TPWKIT-014 is the provision of the length of the positive power connection.

REDARC is confident the comprehensive design of the new universal kits will suit “almost all SUVs and LCVs. REDARC has even provided a table to show which of the new Universal Wiring Kit Range your vehicle requires.

Old SKU Vehicle New SKU
TPWKIT-002 Colorado TPWKIT-014
TPWKIT-003 Triton TPWKIT-014
TPWKIT-004 Fortuner TPWKIT-013
TPWKIT-004 Prado TPWKIT-013
TPWKIT-006 Isuzu TPWKIT-013
TPWKIT-007 Kluger TPWKIT-013
TPWKIT-008 Navara TPWKIT-014
TPWKIT-009 Pajero TPWKIT-013
TPWKIT-010 Amarok TPWKIT-014
TPWKIT-011 Universal N/A
TPWKIT-012 Everest/Ranger N/A

REDARC’s Managing Director, Anthony Kittel, said the new wiring kits provide not only a cost-effective and consolidated product offering but also compatibility with modern driving aids.

“Our Universal range of Wiring Kits ensure compatibility with modern driving aids such as Autonomous Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control and other systems advanced systems where the brake signal may be generated from a number of different systems within a vehicle,” Mr Kittel said.

The Universal Tow-Pro Wiring Kits cost $199 while the Ford Ranger and Everest Specific model costs $298.68. For more information click here