Maxtrax Trailer Skid – a trailer recovery device that’s simple

ByTim ScottApril 20, 2020
Maxtrax Trailer Skid – a trailer recovery device that’s simple

The Maxtrax Trailer Skid aims to take some of the hard work out of recovering your trailer from soft sand, mud or snow with its simple design

The new Maxtrax Trailer Skid looks after the jockey wheel when there might be a need to recover your van or camper. There are lots of recovery tracks out there to place under the tow vehicle or the trailer wheels, but the jockey can end up being a hindrance in a recovery effort or on soft ground with its habit of digging in.

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In awkward situations where there might be a lot of manouevering required, having a compliant drawbar will reduce stress levels. The Maxtrax Trailer Skid is also designed to be used without the jockey wheel so that you can protect your hitch from becoming fouled or even buried.

Operation is very simple. Once the jockey wheel is located on the skid it’s strapped down to the skid, and that’s really about it. You can then hitch up, or use a winch cable or a rated strap and tow your trailer to safer ground.

If you’ve any doubts about the ground surface when you arrive at a campsite then the Trailer Skid can be placed under the jockey wheel right from the off, so you know when it comes time to head out, the jockey wheel will be on a stable surface.

If you have ever worried about taking your trailer to off-road locations because of the possible recovery scenario then the Trailer Skid could add a bit of confidence. You might be all ‘bushy from way back’ and make a skid out of a shovel and a tie-down ratchet strap, or you could spend a couple of hundred and add this skid to your recovery arsenal, knowing that it’s probably more secure.

Maxtrax Trailer Skid is Australian designed, engineered and manufactured.


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