10 things you need to know about AL-KO’s new ‘LightR’ chassis

ByEmma RyanJune 21, 2019
10 things you need to know about AL-KO’s new ‘LightR’ chassis

AL-KO claims its new lightweight chassis has the potential to revolutionise the caravan industry. And while caravans are yet to be built with LightR, we’ve got the scoop on 10 things you need to know about this lightweight chassis concept.

  1. LightR has spent two years in development by AL-KO’s team of engineers in Melbourne. AL-KO says it’s a ‘highly engineered’ chassis concept that will offer weight saving while retaining strength.
  2. The LightR concept was born of necessity. Modern caravans are getting bigger, heavier and more laden with accessories and gadgets than ever before. People driving vehicles with 3000-3500kg towing capacities risk minimal payload or, worse, towing overweight vans. The latter is illegal, dangerous and nulls insurance.
  3. AL-KO says there was an ‘overwhelming call’ from the caravan industry for a lightweight chassis that would address this problem, without compromising on strength and durability. AL-KO heeded the call, and the concept of the LightR chassis was born.
  4. The customisable LightR chassis takes into account the design and floorplan of a specific caravan. This allows for the removal of unnecessary cross members, while elongated holes in pressed steel chassis members further reduce weight.
  5. The chassis is hot-dipped and galvanised for corrosion resistance and strength in Australian conditions.
  6. The bolted construction eliminates the need for welding or drilling, reducing assembly time for caravan manufacturers.
  7. AL-KO says the chassis underwent scrupulous on- and off-road testing at the Australian Automotive Research Centre in Anglesea. This included testing for stress on corrugations, Belgian blocks and high speed, plus numerous other simulated real world scenarios.
  8. LightR is designed to be used with AL-KO’s popular Enduro Independent Trailing Arm suspension or Independent Rubber Suspension (IRS), for added stability in a multitude of towing environments.
  9. AL-KO says the LightR concept is designed to facilitate the use of modern, weight-saving caravan construction methods such as bonding and monocoque construction with composite panels.
  10. AL-KO’s engineering team will work with individual caravan manufacturers to design a custom LightR chassis to suit their requirements, and then test the product to ensure the highest level of performance. This process is set to commence this year, so the market could see the first vans fitted with LightR rolling out of showrooms late 2019.

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