Tame the beast – New DO-45 hitch revealed


There’s a new DO-45 hitch by Cruisemaster about to hit the market. Find out what makes this beast their toughest model yet.

When it comes to attaching your caravan or camper to your tow vehicle, there are hitches and then there is the DO range by Cruisemaster.  The DO-35 hitch has been around for years and is now available in V3 and V3 Plus variants.  But if you’re towing weights in excess of 3,500kg, the DO-45 is the hitch of choice and the latest model brings with it many of the features, design and functions that made the DO-35 so popular.

DO 45 PLUS range
The new DO-45 PLUS range is available with or without an integrated handbrake.

Available with or without an integrated handbrake, the new DO-45 PLUS features 4,500kg ADR compliance rating, the Gen.2 “Checklock” dust cap, an updated lock mechanism that is functionally similar to the DO-35 V3 PLUS, hardwearing Zinc Nickle coating with E-Coat finish and a strengthened 1 1/4 inch forged tow pin.

Safety is a design priority:

According to the Cruisemaster website, the DO35 V3Plus and DO45Plus Range of couplings have been designed with safety as a priority. The positive locking 2 stage ADR compliant locking mechanism gives owners the reassurance that their vehicle and caravan are truly secured. The patented “Checklock” Gen.2 Cap also doubles as both dust protection and a foolproof safety check, the cap will only fit onto the coupling when the lock is activated.  If the cap doesn’t fit your not ready to tow!

Safety doesn’t end with the locking mechanism! Special consideration was given to the build materials.  It was increasingly important to have the added strength to manage the additional forces added by a Weight Distribution System while keeping the unit slimline and lightweight.

These new features should mean the new DO0-45 V3 PLUS will continue to maintain the range’s enviable reputation for strength and reliability even under the most challenging conditions.

Cruisemaster will be officially launching the DO45 V3 PLUS as part of the Victorian Caravanning and Camping Virtual Show later this week. You can get an idea of how the new DO-45 V3 PLUS performs by watching the launch video below.

For more information, visit the Cruisemaster web site or check out their virtual stand at the Victorian Caravanning and Camping Virtual Show.

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