Rhino-Rack releases Backbone system for Navara NP300 RX and ST dual-cabs


Rhino-Rack introduces its “evolutionary, highly-anticipated” Backbone system for the Nissan Navara NP300 RX & ST dual-cabs

The Backbone three-base mounting system from Rhino-Rack is specific to the Nissan Navara NP300 dual-cab.

Nissan Np300 52100 Rnnb2 03

The new stainless-steel Backbone designed for the NP300 is built to be highly durable. It connects to the vehicle roof via bases on three sides which, according to Rhino-Rack, will evenly distribute the weight of your gear and help maintain better control over your vehicle’s steering and handling responses.

Nissan Np300 52100 Rnnb2 02

In addition to the Backbone mounting system, Rhino is releasing the all-new Pioneer rack platform for Nissan NP300 RX and ST dual-cab. Specifically designed to carry most existing Rhino-Rack accessories, the channels in the front and rear extrusions of the Pioneer design enable you to mount things such as a kayak carrier or spare wheel. Adding secure storage to the roof-rack provision frees up more internal and tray space for equipment or people – as long as payload and GVM allocations are adhered to.

Rhino-Rack Nissan Navara NP300 Dual Cab Backbone AUS RRP from $496

Rhino-Rack Backbone and Pioneer Package for AUS RRP $1595

For further information or to find your nearest Rhino-Rack dealer click here

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