Keep your van smellin’ like roses

ByRV DailyJune 14, 2019
Keep your van smellin’ like roses
The product that will literally stop your sh!t from stinking

If you ask my wife what is her favourite feature of our caravan, she would probably say the toilet is high on her list. As I get older, I must admit I do appreciate not having to do the late night dash to the amenities block for a quick pee before bed. When free camping for extended periods of time, a toilet in the van is a much more civilised way of doing number twos. But there’s a problem and there’s really no delicate way to put this. The smell of a man-sized turd can render the caravan uninhabitable for a good 20 minutes. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Enter the SOG Toilet Ventilation System. This brilliant device is so simple, it’s amazing it isn’t a standard feature on every caravan fitted with a cassette toilet. The SOG kit comprises a small 12-volt fan that sucks air from the toilet bowl, through the cassette and out to the outside air, thus preventing any odours from escaping to the ensuite into the rest of the caravan.


The fan is powered by the same power source as the flush pump and is activated when you open the flap in the toilet bowl. When you close the flap, the fan turns off. It’s ingeniously simple. You needn’t worry about your neighbours complaining about the stench of your number twos being blown to their campsite as the expelled air is passed through a carbon filter, eliminating any odours.

There are several kits available to suit just about every cassette toilet system on the market. Make sure you take note of the type of toilet you have before purchasing a kit.

Installing the SOG system is a fairly simple DIY job. Having said that, I would highly recommend that you read the instructions very carefully before beginning the task. Being a German product, the instructions are written in translated English and some sections don’t make immediate sense. Fortunately, there are plenty of videos and guides online to refer to if needed.

One vital step is to ensure you turn off your 12-volt electrical system before you start to cut into any wires. A short circuit here can damage the flush water pump and, in some toilets, these can be expensive to replace.

Once fitted, your toilet can be used exactly as you had used it previously. You can still use the toilet chemicals in the cartridge if you like but there really is no need to as the smells are no longer an issue. We still use a small amount of nappy sanitiser and a drop or two of eucalyptus oil just to make emptying the cartridge a little more pleasant.

The SOG Toilet Ventilation System has made using our caravan toilet a much more civilised affair. It’s one of those things that you really don’t appreciate how good it is until you have one. At around $280 plus a couple hours of time for installation, it’s not an expensive modification by any means.