I tested out the Casus Grill and found another great use for it

Jessica Palmer
By Jessica Palmer - RV Content Lead
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I tested out the Casus Grill … Here’s how it went

I recently got my hands on a Casus Grill to test out and not only did it cook my sausages and steak pretty damn good, but I also found another unexpected use for it as a parent which I’m pretty stoked with.

But first, what exactly is the Casus Grill?

The Casus Grill is a single-use BBQ type grill made of all-natural materials. It’s eco-friendly and biodegradable so when you’ve cooked your meal, the whole thing can be chucked safely in the bonfire. It’s made from Oxylite bamboo charcoal briquettes, lava stones, bamboo and cardboard so the only thing left after tossing it in the bonfire is some lava stone. Lava stone are used in nurseries as soil improvement and can be returned back to nature without any harm. Basically, it comes from nature and goes back to nature at the end.

Casus Grill
This is what the Casus Grill looks like set up
Credit – Jessica Palmer

Is it easy to use?

Yep! Even my kids can use it. Here’s how to cook on it:

  • Tear open the cardboard packaging and insert the cardboard legs into the grill base. Instructions are included but it’s really simple.
  • Place the pre-made bamboo grill rack on top
  • Light the charcoal briquettes (no visible flames occur but you can see and hear them smouldering away)
  • Wait five minutes and start grilling your food
  • When you’re finished, chuck the whole thing in a campfire or wait for it to cool down and throw it away (don’t worry, it’s eco-friendly)

The Casus Grill outputs a really even heat so it’s hard to stuff it up. The instructions say to spread out the food, but I was feeding a family of four and at one point had four fat sausages, one steak and half an onion on there – all at the same time. It cooked wonderfully!

Casus Grill
The Casus Grill in action
Credit – Jessica Palmer

The unexpected use

Turns out the Casus Grill is perfect for teaching your kids the fine art of camp cooking. Why? Unlike cooking over a grill on an open fire, there is no open flame and the temperature is even, making it really easy for even younger kids to use (with supervision of course). Although it obviously gets hot, the heat is surprisingly contained within the unit and you can actually pick it up without burning yourself by holding the feet and edges.

Although we lost a sausage in the process, this is a great little tool for teaching kids to cook while camping. This is how it went down at our camp …

Five second rule, right? I still ate it. If you’re a parent I know you’ve done it too. It’s been eight hours and I’m not sick yet so I’m pretty sure I made the right decision.

Another unexpected use – marshmallow perfection!

The Casus Grill claims to stay hot for an hour and although I didn’t time it, after cooking sausages, steak, onion and toast, that little eco-beast was still going strong. So rather than waste that heat, we experimented with roasting marshmallows on it. Just rip one of the bamboo sticks free from the side of the grill (a clean one), whack your marshmallow on the end, and hold it over the heat. Now, this doesn’t give you a traditional kinda half-burnt marshmallow with a soft interior. Instead, this gives you a nice fluffy soft-interior marshmallow without the burnt bits. You’ll know it’s ready when the inside has heated up enough that it starts ever so slightly sliding down the bamboo stick. This is marshmallow perfection!

The verdict

The Casus Grill really surprised me with an even cooking temperature and no open flame. I’m usually terrible at cooking sausages (think burnt outside but not quite cooked inside). Although I wouldn’t use the Casus Grill for every meal on an extended trip as it wouldn’t be economical, these are fantastic for weekend getaways, beach days, motorbike trips or just those times when you really can’t be stuffed cleaning up pots and pans when camping. In fact, I’m going to grab a three-pack and just keep them for whenever.

Where to get a Casus Grill

Get your own Casus Grill from Everything Caravan and Camping.

Casus Grill
The Casus Grill before we put it to good use
Credit – Jessica Palmer

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