How to reduce fuel consumption on your next road trip

how to reduce fuel consumption
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Lately, fuel prices have been going up, up, up and sending our bank balances down, down, down, so it makes sense to look for ways to reduce fuel consumption. In addition to the rising costs of living, it’s no wonder we’re looking to limit things wherever we can.

However, reducing costs shouldn’t mean reducing adventures, so we’re sharing five easy ways to reduce fuel consumption on your next road trip so you can get the most out of a tank.


Accelerate gently and take your time braking

Putting the pedal to the metal needs to be a thing of the past when you’re working to reduce your fuel consumption. Gradual acceleration boosts fuel efficiency, so when taking off at the lights make sure to take five seconds to accelerate your vehicle from 0 to 15 km/h for best results.

The same goes for decelerating. Make the effort to look ahead on the road and take your time to brake after releasing the accelerator. Slow, steady acceleration and deceleration are easier on your engine, your brakes and your bank balance. Of course in an emergency you must slam on your brakes, but avoid doing it when not necessary. It also makes for a much smoother ride and your passengers’ necks will thank you for it.

Attend all your services

Whether it’s degraded oil, misaligned wheels or clogged filters, having elements on your RV that require servicing could be impacting your ability to reduce fuel consumption. Make sure your RV goes to all of its service appointments when it’s due to ensure you’re not wasting fuel.

If you’re off for an extended period of time, make sure to note places you can stop along the way and have your oil changed as well as tend to any quick fixes. 


how to reduce fuel consumption
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Less is more

Drop the dead weight and only take what’s necessary for your trip. The heavier your vehicle the more fuel it uses, thus the lighter your vehicle, the easier it is to reduce your fuel consumption. What this looks like is different for each person, so map out the activities you’ll be participating in and leave everything at home that won’t be essential. This also goes for the exterior of the RV. If you have any roof racks installed that may cause wind drag, make sure to remove them if they won’t be used.

Schedule trips to avoid the traffic

Not only does it negatively affect your mood, but driving in traffic can also hamper your efforts to reduce fuel consumption. Add stops to your trip, take the scenic route and plan around peak traffic times to avoid sitting idle and burning more fuel than needed.

Watch your tyre inflation level

Make sure that your tyres are at their ideal inflation level, which will depend on the size and weight of your RV. Check your tyres when they’re cold each day before you hit the road to make sure they’re at an optimal level. Deflated tyres will not only cost you more in terms of fuel consumption, they will also affect the wear and tear of your tyres as rolling resistance and heat build-up will shorten the life and durability of the tyre.

Avoid missing out on the adventure completely and instead take steps to be savvier when it comes to reducing fuel consumption on your next road trip.




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