The power every digital nomad needs


These days, if you’ve got a laptop and a job that permits, there’s virtually no limit to where you can base yourself for work. With an abundance of freelance and flexible work-from-home jobs being snapped up by those who maintain and appreciate an even work/life balance, digital nomads are on the rise. But what gear do you need to make sure that all runs smoothly? We’ve shared a brief checklist to get you moving in the right direction.


Portable power

Many times on the road, you’ll find yourself without a power point to charge  your devices needed for work. One option is Redarc’s GoBlock®, a rugged and sophisticated portable dual battery system that works to provide hours of off-grid power to get you through your work day. Delivering fast and effective charge, it’s capable of a rapid 50A recharge rate. This means that in roughly two hours you could have a huge 100Ah of power. From phones and iPads to cameras and drones, GoBlock® can help keep the wheels turning by allowing you to fire up all your devices. 

To connect your laptop, you will need a 12V laptop charger that can be plugged directly into the 12v sockets on the GoBlock®. If you want to run other low-wattage 240V devices, you can instead connect a small pure sine wave inverter.

REDARC solar panel

Solar panels

Portable power needs to be replenished, so you’ll need to find a reliable way to put power back into your GoBlock to keep you working on the road for longer. Allow the great outdoors to do the work for you, with solar power. Whether you choose to fix a panel to your roof or prefer a solar blanket draped over your gear, solar is one way to soak up the sun rays to achieve endless power.


Laptop bag or sleeve designed for the outdoors

When it comes to technology accidents often happen, but when you’re out on the road with no Apple store in sight, a mishap with your laptop can quickly become a work-stopping disaster. Invest in a sturdy and safe laptop case or bag that’s tough enough to withstand a few knocks. The Thule Gauntlet which has a rigid exterior with enhanced corner and edge protection. The padded interior can protect your precious gear from any scratches that may happen as you venture from place to place. You can even work directly out of the case so you never have to remove it from its safe place, due to its clamshell design. Sleek and stylish while being tough enough to withstand the road.

Chair and table

Being in an office offers the benefit of proper chairs and tables, allowing you to keep a straight, upright posture while you work. If you’re working from your van or your 4X4 your back may start to suffer after being hunched over your laptop for long periods of time. Setting up a makeshift office is one move that your spine will thank you for. It may also help with your productivity levels, giving you a ‘work spot’ where you can sit and punch out quality content.

ARB Compact Camp Table

ARB’s Aluminium Compact Camp Table provides a strong and sturdy surface to hold your monitor screen, laptop, and keyboard with cross braces that provide additional support. Ideal for the nomad, this table folds away neatly and easily into a compact bag, to allow it to stow away with the rest of your gear while you’re on route to your next stop over. It also doubles as a cooking preparation table thanks to its heat resistance, allowing you to do more with what you’ve got and save valuable space in your vehicle.

ARB Compact Directors Chair

The ARB Compact Directors Chair can provide the high back support you undoubtedly need for a full day’s work, accompanied by the sturdiness of an aluminium cross support frame. Like the camp table, this chair allows for a simple folding mechanism to neatly pack the chair down into a carry bag that can slot straight back into your vehicle. Mix business with pleasure and use this same chair for your relax-by-the-fire time and utilise its auto folding side table with a cup holder for your celebratory end-of-day beverage.

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in a position where you can hit the road and tour the great Land Down Under, while simultaneously making a living and furthering your career, then you’ll need to plan carefully what equipment you take along for the ride. Depending on what you do for work, you may need to add to this list, but if you’ve got power, protection and a place to work, you’re off to a great start.




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