Cash grab with higher tolls for caravans on NSW Motorways

ByMarty LedwichAugust 21, 2019
Cash grab with higher tolls for caravans on NSW Motorways

You know that option on your GPS that makes sure you avoid toll roads? You might want to use it next time you’re driving through NSW with a medium to large caravan in tow.

A couple of weeks ago, some reports started to appear on caravanning Facebook groups that Transurban was advising customers of changes to vehicle classifications such that a vehicle consisting of a car towing a caravan greater than 12.5 metres combined length and 2.8 metres high would be regarded as a heavy commercial vehicle in the Class B bracket. Such a change could see many caravanners facing a three-fold increase in the charges they would have paid previously.

RV Daily contacted Transurban that later confirmed there were changes to the vehicle tolling classifications for customers who use the M2 and M7 motorways around Sydney. They would now be charged toll rates in line with customers who drive on the Eastern Distributor, Lane Cove Tunnel, M5 West or WestConnex system.

The spokesman for Transurban said, “These changes create greater consistency across Sydney’s motorway network. This will mean all vehicles will be uniformly classified based on the total height or length of the vehicle and its connected load. Previously, that same vehicle would be classified differently on different roads.”

“We have taken steps to pro-actively engage with heavy users who are most affected to explain the changes and impacts for them.”

The new changes mean that a rig consisting of, for example, a Ford Ranger dual-cab ute measuring approximately 5.8m long, towing an 18-foot off-road caravan approximately 7m in length including the drawbar, would have a total length exceeding the 12.5m limit and likely exceed the 2.8m height limit of a Class A vehicle.

A check of the Transurban website shows the differences in the tolls between a Class A and a Class B vehicle for various NSW motorways. For example, the capped charge on the M7 Motorway is $8.19 for a Class A vehicle whereas a Class B vehicle charge is capped at $24.57.

For more information about tolls on NSW motorways visit The Transurban website