Bendix helps to pump the brakes on littering

© Outback Cleanups
© Outback Cleanups

We all know the feeling of driving past a campsite only to witness an abundance of rubbish left by thoughtless travellers, campers and boaters. Perhaps you’ve volunteered your time to clean, but pondered what could be done on a larger scale to help preserve our precious land.

From this idea, non-for-profit Outback Cleanups Australia was born. The organisation works on removing this litter from land and water around Australia’s remote coastal areas, bushlands and marine environments.

Founder, Boenardi Langford, began Outback Cleanups Australia in 2019. He had a mission to provide future generations with a future that is not saturated in plastic. A work accident left Boenardi unable to continue his carpentry trade. Following that, he and his partner Kimberley Baraiolo, decided to make a change for the better. They’ve so far collected over 61 tonnes of rubbish together. On various trips around the country, the two have vowed to clean up Australia.

Their aim? To protect the bushlands and marine environments from more damage.

A van clearing litter from the land.
© Outback Cleanups

Bendix as an Outback Cleanups Australia official partner

Most recently, aftermarket brakes specialist Bendix have put their hand up to support the cause and have committed as an official partner to Outback Cleanups Australia. They’ve joined a list of official supporting partners including Redarc, Saber Australia and Toyo Tires.

Bendix are actively working to spread the word about the organisation, as well as provide financial support and assistance. They’ve also supplied new and improved parts for Outback Cleanups Australia founder Boe Langford’s 75 Series Toyota LandCruiser, nicknamed ‘Troopy’. It’s understandable that 28-year-old Troopy would need some help, considering it’s clocked up more than 500,000 kilometres now!

FMP Group (Australia) Pty Ltd (Bendix) General Manager George Kyriakopoulos stated that supporting Outback Cleanups Australia further strengthens Bendix’s mission to be a strong environmentally conscious company. “We are happy to be supporting such a great cause with Outback Cleanup Australia, along with a host of other environmental initiatives.”




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