Chyna is an eight-year-old doggy blogger, travelling Australia in a motorhome with his two human companions. He loves meeting people on the road and sharing his stories about caravanning around Australia. Life’s pretty sweet for Chyna these days, but it wasn’t always that way.

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Like many other dogs, Chyna found himself without a home when he was seven years old but through the good work of online adoption groups, he found a new forever home with Lynne and Linda. Little did he know, he would become a travelling pooch with his own doggy blog! His humans live and work on the road, and are avid caravanners and campers. Chyna has taken to the lifestyle like a dog to a bone!

The travelling trio have found the caravanning lifestyle a breeze, so decided to adopt a new family member to even out the numbers between dogs and humans. Little Zac has been adopted at just three months old, so he needs lots of love and training to help him adjust to life in his new family (and motorhome). So far, so good.

Chyna and Zac’s humans are happier than ever travelling with their doggy kids. Their pooches make life sweeter and they want everyone to consider adopting a homeless hound when looking at an addition to the family.

Chyna is doing a call out for her blog readers to suggest rescue groups and shelters that could use help sharing their dogs who are looking for new families. Chyna has a decent Facebook following and a newsletter for this purpose.

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