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The wheelie bin that attaches to your spare tyre, that doesn’t have any wheels…
The Wheelie Bin by Bushranger 4X4 Gear is a multipurpose, external carry bag designed to be fitted to the rear of your tow vehicle or RV itself. The durable UV tested PVC is designed to house a range of camp essentials, be it your rubbish bags, recovery gear or even wet towels and swimming gear. A moveable divider easily allows the set-up of dual compartments, with a padded base to ensure you don’t cop a blow-out. The harnessing system utilised snap-lock buckles with three possible mounting styles to suit various applications and vehicles. With a total of 57 litres of storage, vent holes in the bottom to allow for drainage and the ease of a simple hose off cleaning abilities, the Wheelie Bin is a great external carry bag for all types of travel.

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