Winsig’s new TV / 5G antenna promises better reception


If you’re having problems with TV and mobile phone reception in your RV, Australian manufacturer Winsig’s new 4.0 OMNI TV/5G antenna may just be the product you’re looking for.

The team at Winsig have been busy during the Covid-19 shutdown of the RV industry. Their new version 4.o OMNI antenna system is said to incorporate the latest antenna technology for television reception.  It also has the option to incorporate a mobile phone antenna that has been updated to 5G compatibility.

According to Winsig’s director Andrew Holmes, “our revolutionary new television antenna receives signals from all points of the compass simultaneously. For the traveller, this means that the antenna does not require re-orientation toward the nearest transmission tower each time they move.”

“The small size (around half that of the opposition) and lightweight of the Winsig 4.0 OMNI antenna make mounting and travelling with this antenna a breeze.”

Mr Holmes added, “Our antenna is designed to cover all of the television transmissions offered in the Australian/NZ markets. This means that both the older VHF (very high frequency) and UHF (ultra-high frequency) signals are received in the highest possible quality.  (It) features an in-built booster to provide maximum possible signal capability. This amplifier provides 24dB(VHF) and 32dB(UHF) signal boost to allow the traveller to be large distances from the nearest transmission source, whilst still receiving digital TV signals.”


Winsig production and testing
Winsig antennas are manufactured in Australia

In addition to the new TV antenna technology, travellers have the option to include a 5G mobile phone antenna incorporated into the one unit.

“This will enhance 3G, 4G and 5G network coverage and speed to allow seamless calls and fast data for online services as you travel.”

I have to admit, as a freelance writer who lives permanently on the road, I rely on the mobile phone network for uploading large text, photo and video files. In many parts of regional and remote Australia, the mobile broadband coverage and performance is frustrating, to say the least. Using an external antenna can improve data performance significantly. The prospect of having both a TV and 5G antenna incorporated into the one rooftop system is very appealing.

The Winsig 4.0 OMNI is available as both a stand-alone antenna for new installations or as a retrofit for existing Winegard or Antennatek wind-up antennas on caravans and motorhomes. The retrofit kit uses the existing van power supply and wiring. It takes only 20 minutes to fit and no special tools are required.

The Winsig 4.0 OMNI can also be configured as a camping antenna to suit camper trailer and tent based travellers alike.  It is also suited to marine applications as the unit is “perimeter sealed”.

Winsig test sites in Victoria
Winsig tested the new OMNI 4.0 all over Australia. These were the Victorian test sites.

Mr Holmes told RV Daily the team at Winsig has put the new antenna through its paces with over 600 tests conducted over 18 months at 15 test sites across Australia.  He claims the results showed the signal strength of the Winsig 4.0 was consistently 6-12 dB higher than the Winegard antenna and signal quality was equal to or better than the Winegard HV in all cases.

The Winsig 4.0 Retrofit TV antenna only kit retails for $325 or $450 with the 5G mobile broadband antenna option fitted. For more information visit the Winsig website.

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