What Makes a Happy Camper?

ByRV DailyOctober 28, 2016
What Makes a Happy Camper?

Let’s Go Caravan and Camping has launched a new series featuring a diverse range of Aussies who share their very special happy camper stories.

The series, called Happy Campers, delves into the personal stories of a range of people who love caravanning and camping. Each short episode asks why they camp, how they like to go about it and what connects them to caravan life. They share tips that go beyond what type of rig you need and where the best places to camp are – these happy campers know there’s more to it than that. Instead, they give us a glimpse into why camping has a special place in their hearts.

First up, you’ll meet the Gowans. They are a young family who value getting outdoors and away from the internet. They’ve been visiting one holiday spot for 15 years and have made lifelong friends they reconnect with each visit. The whole family helps out when it comes to setting up camp … except for poor mum. She gets accused of sitting back and watching everyone else sweat! An unlikely story, we think.

Check them out in the video above!

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Look out for upcoming episodes of Happy Campers where you’ll meet a couple of lovebirds who met on a camping trip, some gay nomads (yes we mean gay, not grey) and also a blended family where making babies and losing parents has been a big part of their story.

Tune in to Happy Campers and share the journeys that show why caravanning and camping offers so much more than any other holiday experience. It’s about the people, the connection, the adventure and the heart!