ByRV DailyOctober 6, 2017

Remove roof-rack accessories the fast and easy way

It’s a hard choice; do you fit your awning to the left or the right-hand side of your roof racks? Throw in the fact you’d like a nice, long, three-metre awning fitted to the rear of your vehicle; that ain’t gonna happen as we are generally restricted to the width of the roof rack or the vehicle.


How about when you return home from a weekend 4X4ing on the beach, the bush or your favourite campsite? You need to remove your awning, fishing rod tube, recovery tracks and any other accessory fitted to your roof racks to use your 4X4 as a commuter during the week. That ain’t gonna happen in most cases either.

Enter The Quick Fit Bracket from Smart Touring Systems. With this clever kit added to each of your roof-mounted accessories, the removal and installation only takes seconds. Yep, now you can remove all those accessories in the blink of an eye to store in the shed, then put back on just as quickly and easily next weekend.

Manufactured from laser-cut stainless-steel, with zinc-coated 8.8 high-tensile hardware and HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plates to resist rattling, the kit is fitted in two halves to both your roof rack and your accessory to be removed. While this initial installation of brackets requires the use of a spanner, the subsequent adding and removal of the accessories to the roof rack is totally tool-less and only requires the release of a locked pin from the system, plus the kit can be padlocked to the vehicle to prevent theft of accessories.

One kit gets you two Quick Fit Brackets and two roof-rack brackets to mount and remove one item (like an awning, recovery boards or PVC tube). Extra roof-rack brackets can be purchased separately to allow that accessory to be mounted to other parts of your rack, like the opposite side or even the rear in the case of an awning. 

Aside from the ease of removing your gear, the added benefits of not having said gear mounted 24/7 has gotta be a good thing, even if it’s just to prevent weathering. Reducing wind resistance from those accessories will improve fuel consumption, lower overall heights to squeeze into underground car parks, and weight reduction will probably see the initial outlay of this kit pay for itself time after time. 

Now, you don’t have to strain that brain as to which side your awning should be mounted; you can have it on either within about 20 seconds. 

This is such a simple, well-designed and manufactured system, that it’s ludicrous no-one has ‘been there done that’. 

RRP$99 including delivery.