ByRV DailyDecember 21, 2017


With the phrase ‘you never stop learning’ ringing loudly, it’s time to announce properly the major project we’ve been slaving away on for months: The RV Daily Practical Guide to Modern Towing. It’s a bit of a mouthful, but it’s a big topic. 

We are all constantly reminded that the subject of towing is a minefield of weight limits, dynamic properties and mechanical paraphernalia when all we want to do is hitch-up and go on holiday. And many do just that. However, many do just that ignorant of their legal responsibilities, if not the laws of physics. And while it’s not ideal, it’s understandable if no-one’s told you or you’ve been misinformed. However, that doesn’t excuse you. 

We strive each month to bring you stories to inform and educate; some choose to listen, some don’t. And as I mentioned in my editorial last month, some reckon that they pretty much know it all – despite gaining that encyclopaedic knowledge many, many moons ago. 

So some bright spark suggested we put together a video series that covered everything about the art of towing. And it is an art form, like vehicle electrics, it’s a black art. 

The series will be in 12 episodes, one a month, although you will be able to access the whole thing in one hit too and grab a DVD soon after launch. The content will cover weights, your responsibilities and the legal aspects right through to choosing the right vehicles and vans. Plus, we will examine all the hardware, tyres, power sources, training courses and even storing your RV when you’re not enjoying the road. There will be heaps of supporting material in the mag, like resources to download and extra video top tips segments that will add a bit of fun to the serious stuff you need to know. We even learned a heap of stuff – proving no-one is an expert on everything despite what Barry in the back bar tells you. We think you will love it and it’s been heavily supported by our industry partners too, because they all saw the strong safety message involved. 

In between now and then, we’re having a little break for Christmas. We would like to thank you for your support of RV Daily over the first full year of its life. That support has put us in a top spot and we’re grateful. Have a great Christmas, whatever you’re up to and wherever you are. We’ll catch you again in Issue 22 in 2018.