Social media plea for grey nomads’ safe passage goes viral

ByTim ScottMarch 29, 2020
Social media plea for grey nomads’ safe passage goes viral

A social media plea has gone viral as it asks for the safe passage for grey nomads currently travelling home or to safe camping due to COVID-19.

In light of recent statements from Australia’s rural medical community for all grey nomads and travellers to ‘go home’, there’s been alledged hostility towards travellers who are still moving around on the roads. How true, and indeed widespread these actions might be remains anecdotal at best.

However, the letter from a certain Cassy Bailey, makes a strong case to reinforce decent behaviour towards our fellow humans, if anyone actually needed a reminder. We have seen some ugly behaviour recently.

The letter is below:

“To anyone who sees caravans and RVs driving through Australia at the moment. Think before you judge or attack them for travelling in the midst of a pandemic. Remember that many people were in the middle of their trip when all of this started. They did not see this coming. And thousands of them are grey nomads whose retirement dreams have turned terrifying.

Many of them were far from home when they heard the message not to travel and so stayed where they were. They bunkered down in camping grounds and caravan parks to wait it out. Thinking that staying put was the right thing to do.

Recent events have seen thousands of them displaced and left with no choice but to travel. Tasmania ordered all tourists get out of their state by 26th of March. And as of the 25th of March, many of our State Governments have ordered the closure of camping grounds and told caravan parks to turn away all but permanent residents.

With nowhere to stay, many travellers will be forced to drive through the night or stop to sleep on the side of the road. Please remember that these travellers have been given no choice but to make their way home through the affected area and closed borders, not knowing how they will be treated. Most of them are taking every precaution and are aware that they face two weeks of isolation upon arriving home.

Many are elderly and precisely the most vulnerable in this pandemic. They themselves are at risk every time they need to stop for fuel or food. Many of them are shocked, anxious, tired and scared. And many of them have families who are worried about their safety.

They did not choose to be on the road at a time like this. They are not tourists flouting the travel ban. They are our parents and grandparents … and they are just trying to get home safely.

So if you see them, please show them some consideration and compassion. Give them a wave instead of the finger and offer them help instead of abuse. We should all be showing kindness to our fellow humans at a time like this. Even if it is from 1.5m+ and adorned with gloves and masks. To those making your way home right now, I wish you all a safe journey. x” – Cassy Bailey.

So there you go folks. Like we said at the top, we hope this is isolated (we hope it isn’t happening at all) but we’ve seen comments regarding the attitude of those apparently still on holiday. As always, don’t judge until you know!

The origin of this much-quoted letter that’s appeared across the caravan and camping Facebook platform this afternoon is still a source of mystery but we’re looking.

Safe travels and stay well.

Pic credit: Marty Ledwich.