Scam Alert – Caravan Industry Victoria Warns RV Buyers too Beware

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Caravan Industry Victoria backs support from the Victorian Government and Consumer Affairs warning consumers to beware of scammers!

It’s the time to travel and holiday at home, and one of the best ways to see our great country is via caravan or RV, but it’s also now, more than ever the time to beware about where you purchase your new caravan or RV.

Caravan Industry Victoria has learned of a number of complaints over the years from those who have unfortunately been scammed with their caravan or RV purchase. Some have been scammed by shonky product and others into the purchase of a caravan or RV, that simply does not exist.

Today the Victorian Government and Consumer Affairs Victoria have confirmed they have received 17 reports of caravan scams since October 2020 compared to only 2 in the previous year. So, what does this mean for consumers?

One thing which is prevalent at present is the high demand for caravan and RV product, increased wait times and product variety and availability. The increased demand across the board appears to be pushing consumers to find other alternatives to purchase a caravan or RV, at a cost that could be far greater than waiting- loss of deposit, or total purchase price.


Rob Lucas the Chief Executive of Caravan Industry Victoria (the state Association of the Caravan and Camping Industry in Victoria) has shared his concern for consumers looking to buy now from an unreputable source. Lucas said, “Like anything we want or need if the offer is too good to be true, it usually is, and if you are in doubt about your caravan or RV purchase, speak to your State Association to help understand more about the purchaser where possible”.

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Caravan Industry Victoria encourages consumers to reach out to their state association and warns if the offer is too good to be true it, most likely is.

Lucas continued “It is a busy time for both business and consumers, but one thing is key, you can not go wrong with an Industry Association member. With a purchase like this, the investment you may be making and the time you have your caravan or RV for, in the grand scheme of things, is a small consideration to ensure you not only get the product but have long term enjoyment from your new caravan or RV.

The Association congratulates Consumer Affairs Victoria on their acknowledgement and assistance in working to help keep consumers safe when looking to purchase a new caravan or RV, and to shine the light on those who are scamming good people looking to make the most of them travel at home, and in many instances support businesses who did it tough during the lockdown.

For those who are looking to purchase a van and have any queries, Caravan Industry Victoria encourages consumers to beware and reach out to their state association to check if they are members, if they are a great business and remind consumers once more “If the offer is too good to be true it most likely is”. If you can, get the van checked by an RV Service Safe Member to understand fully what you are purchasing just like a car or a building inspection for a new home. You wouldn’t just buy a car or home without checking, treat your new caravan the same way.

Consumers can search who is a member of Caravan Industry Victoria, or find an RV Service Safe Member via If consumers have any questions they can email

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