REDARC release their own Lithium Battery Range


REDARC, a name synonymous with RV electrics, has entered the Lithium battery market with its own range to create the perfect auxiliary battery set up for your 4WDs, RVs, campers, caravans, or boats.

According to REDARC, when it comes to auxiliary batteries, their range of Lithium batteries are fast charging, have a long lifespan, are lightweight and maintenance-free. They also include an internal BMS (battery management system) which enables the batteries to be connected in parallel to increase capacity for more storage.

Lithium batteries are fast to charge and are up to 50% lighter than the AGM/Lead Acid equivalent. With a saving of 15 – 20kg per battery, you can effectively cut down some serious weight leaving more room for accessories, adventure gear and luggage.

It is no secret that lithium batteries do come at a premium. However, with their extended number of charge cycles, sometimes up to 8 times that of an AGM/Lead Acid equivalent, lithium batteries can often be cheaper in the long run. This long lifespan combined with a low self-discharge rate and zero maintenance makes REDARC’s lithium battery range the perfect set and forget solution.

The other advantage of lithium is that you do not need to work out your available usable energy as you do with AGM/Lead Acid. The label on the battery declares the amount you can use which makes it simple.


Redarc’s Managing Director, Anthony Kittel said, “Our batteries have been highly anticipated and well-received to the delight of our customers as they complement our whole off-grid power solutions.”

Pairing batteries with the Manager30 Battery Management System and the RedVision Total Management System gives customers access to real-time battery information and system control, with the added benefit of connecting to the RedVision app to monitor and control systems via a phone or tablet.

With a decade of extensive real-world testing followed by independent validation, REDARC has applied their expertise to ensure their lithium batteries are suitable for Australian conditions.


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200Ah (LABT12200)
For maximum energy storage and for applications requiring a high current the 200Ah variant has a recommended continuous discharge rate of 100A and can also be used with a 1000W inverter (per battery).

100Ah Heavy Duty (LBAT12100-HD)
Ideal for applications requiring a high current, the 100Ah Heavy Duty variant has a recommended continuous discharge rate of 100A and can be used with an inverter up to 1000W in size (per battery).

100Ah Standard Low Draw (LBAT12100)
Great for applications when a powerful current is not required over an extended period, the 100Ah standard variant has a recommended continuous discharge of 50A and be used with an inverter up to 500W in size (per battery).

60Ah Slimline (LBAT12060)
The 60Ah variant is offered in a slimline design, suitable for installation where space is limited, for example, it could fit behind the rear seat of a dual cab ute or under the passenger seat. With a recommended continuous discharge of 85A, it provides a powerful energy solution for its capacity and can be used with an inverter up to 850W in size (per battery).


  • Available in 60Ah, 100Ah Standard, 100Ah Heavy Duty and 200Ah variants.
  • Built-in Battery Management System (BMS) protects the battery pack from overcharge, over
    discharge and short circuit.
  • Can be configured in parallel connection for increased energy storage.

The range is backed by a three-year warranty and customer technical support.

Visit for details or to complete your whole battery management set up today with REDARC’s battery charging, control and monitoring kits.

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