Painted Hills, SA now open to tourists

ByRV DailyAugust 6, 2018
Painted Hills, SA now open to tourists

It’s a place deep in the South Australian outback where very few people have stepped foot. Anna Creek Painted Hills is a special, unmapped section of the Breakaways, and it became accessible to tourists for the first time earlier this year.

The Painted Hills really do look like something out of a painting, or even another planet. Hills, large and small, emerge unexpectedly out of a flat desert landscape, in colours from burnt orange to deep red to white.

If you want to get to Painted Hills, you’ll have to take to the skies – 4WDs will never be allowed to roam the fragile land. A Wrightsair plane from Cooby Pedy, William Creek or Arkaroola will take you on a scenic flight over the unique landscape.

The Painted Hills are on private land on Anna Creek Station (Australia’s largest beef holding). When the Williams Cattle Company purchased the property, it granted pilot and owner of Wrightsair, Trevor Wright, permission to fly tourists in on day trips as of April this year.

There are rules, of course: the tour groups must be small, closely supervised, and must tread carefully.

Will this unmapped treasure be your next destination?

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