New AL-KO Enduro X suspension system hits the market

ByEmma RyanOctober 8, 2019
New AL-KO Enduro X suspension system hits the market

AL-KO has launched its new off-road suspension system for caravans and camper trailers, the Enduro X. Featuring lightweight construction and exclusive new technology, AL-KO says the Enduro X is the next generation of caravan suspension. The AL-KO Enduro X has been designed to enable caravanners to explore off the beaten track in comfort and safety.

The AL-KO Enduro X suspension system features:

  • Lighter weight for improved handling and towing performance
  • New clamshell suspension arm design with automotive styling for strength, durability and lighter weight
  • New bolt-on forged stub to provide extra strength, adjustable ride height to suit towing conditions and the option to change the stub if the need arises
  • New hard wearing automotive-grade, black eCoat finish for rust and chip resistance
  • Premium AL-KO shock absorbers with upgraded metal casing for increased strength and protection (suitable for either drum or disc brakes)
  • Australian-made 4×4 coil springs
  • Maintenance-free bushes, greased at the factory and sealed for life

The new AL-KO Enduro X will also be available in an air suspension system, the Enduro X Air. Enduro X Air suspension allows you to level your caravan or camper as well as adjust ride heights. This is controlled by the Enduro X Air control panel.

The AL-KO Enduro range is engineered and built in Australia for Australian conditions, with a focus on durability, control and comfort. AL-KO says the Enduro X range has been subjected to AL-KO’s ‘Extreme Testing Program’ at the Australian Automotive Research Centre in Anglesea. AL-KO says the Enduro X system was tested to integrate seamlessly with modern caravan features such as AL-KO Electronic Stability Control (ESC).

The launch of the Enduro X comes only a few months after AL-KO announced the launch of its new lightweight ‘LightR’ chassis system, indicating the brand is committed to the continued development of lightweight yet durable off-road caravan hardware.

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