Gear: Mean Mother 2 in 1 digital tyre gauge and deflator kit

ByTim ScottNovember 9, 2020
Gear: Mean Mother 2 in 1 digital tyre gauge and deflator kit

If you’re looking for simplicity and adaptability in maintaining correct tyre pressure then have a look at this Mean Mother 2 in 1 digital tyre gauge and deflator kit.

We all know that tyre pressures are crucial to the safe and economic running of your vehicle and trailer. It’s one thing running them on the road; you know what the pressures are meant to be, you see them and off you go. You may keep an eye on things with a tyre pressure monitoring system while underway – so far, all standard operation.

However, when you head off the bitumen, and into varied off-road terrain you need to be a bit more judicious with your pressures to make sure you keep moving in terms of traction but also reduce puncture risk and track damage from running up to eight tyres at road pressures.

Enter the tyre deflator, a device used to reduce the air pressure in your tyre to a predetermined number. And if you used a stick as your deflator or a bought one without any way of definitely knowing your new pressure then you still need a pressure gauge to read the numbers in your rubber.

The new Mean Mother digital 2 in 1 deflator set takes care of all of this juggling by combining two functions in one device, and this new one is a digital version of the analogue predecessor of the same name.


mean mother gauge in use

It’s not complicated. You have a 60mm easy to read digital pressure readout housed within a tough rubber surround in case you drop it, and the pressures can be read in Psi, kPa and bar – right up to 200psi. The gauge is attached to a braided stainless-steel hose. You can simply use the unit as a gauge to read the pressure of your tyres. Or, you can swap out the brass adaptors to add-in the deflator component. This then allows you to screw the deflator to the tyre’s valve stem and you can have a rapid air escape to the desired new pressure all while easily checking it with your digital gauge that’s still connected. Both the tyre deflator and gauge adaptor are made from brass and offer a quick-release operation.

All this saves time swapping between two devices and having to reconnect each time. If you have four vehicle tyres and up to four on the trailer to do, it all adds up – as anyone who has travelled as a group will know. And of course, you know how important it is to make sure you reduce the trailer tyres, too.

So the original Mean Mother deflator and gauge kit was a genuine two uses for the price of one concept – it’s just gone digital. If you’re using the unit as a pressure gauge only then there’s a pressure release button on the stem.

All this is supplied with a handy stage pouch to keep it safely in your glovebox or wherever you keep your tools for quick access on the road.


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