Flora and Fauna: The Central Netted Dragon

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Take one look at this little fella and you can see why the central netted dragon is right at home in the red, sandy desert regions of Central Australia.

With colours ranging from pale reddish brown to this beauty of bright orange brown, the central netted dragon gets its name from the reticulated, net-like pattern that covers its striking body.

Central netted dragons are burrowing and ground-dwelling lizards and can often be seen early in the morning, basking on top of a log, rock or even the odd termite mound in order to regulate their body temperature. They usually retreat into a burrow or under a shrub in the heat of the day before coming out to forage again in the afternoon.

They eat mainly insects, but also small flowers
and other vegetation and will often wait until a
meal passes by before striking. Females lay up to
three clutches of four to six eggs in spring and
summer, dependent upon recent rainfall. Males will vigorously defend their territory against other males to maintain dominance.

Keep an eye out for these cheeky little critters next time you’re in and around Central Australia. They’re stunning, inquisitive and if you go in a little slow, will happily pose for photo or two before scurrying off.




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