Electric fishing reels – yeah or nah?

Let's take a look at electric fishing reels - what they are, when they're useful,…

Dex Fulton Dex Fulton

Don’t miss these fishing hot spots in South Australia

Sick and tired of catching nothing. Don't worry, we've got you covered.…

Glenys Gelzinis Glenys Gelzinis

Love boating and caravans? Just get a Caracat

Torn between a love of boating and caravans? Now you don't have…

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Have you registered for the Million Dollar Fish?

If there’s ever been a time to hang up the ‘gone fishing’…

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Dex Fulton Dex Fulton

Whyalla Jetty – Cast a line from this unique jetty in Australia

Cast a line from or stroll around Whyalla Jetty, one of the most unique jetties in Australia. Learn more about Whyalla Jetty here.

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5 pieces of fishing gear I can’t go without

From squid jags to crab nets and stainless steel soap, here are five must-have pieces of fishing equipment to take on your next trip.

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Five epic fishing spots near Sydney that you’ll love

To save you precious time that could be spent wrangling a fish out of the water, we’ve listed five of the most epic fishing spots near Sydney.

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