Camec Keyless Entry 3-Point Lock

ByRV DailyOctober 24, 2017
Camec Keyless Entry 3-Point Lock

Camec’s new Keyless Entry 3-Point Lock makes losing your keys at the beach or in the bush a thing of the past. The system uses a waterproof electronic fob or optional wristband individually encoded to each lock to effortlessly unlock Camec’s patented 3-Point door locking system. The keyless entry lock runs off the RV’s 12v system, with a secondary battery back-up for if your van is low on power. If you lose the fob or wristband, or the lock loses both main and secondary power, your van can still be opened with a backup key which is supplied with the system. The system is designed and assembled in Australia and can be retrofitted to existing Camec 3-Point Lock doors.


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