Camec 4 Seasons Evolution Roof Hatch

ByRV DailyOctober 22, 2018
Camec 4 Seasons Evolution Roof Hatch

Camec has delivered yet another great roof hatch: the 4 Seasons Evolution Roof Hatch in the classic 660 x 660mm square size. Camec reckons it’s even better than the much-loved original 4 Seasons hatch, offering easier installation and use, plus increased passive ventilation (233cm² as opposed to 161cm²). It’s been fully designed and tested in Australia for our conditions, and it’s retrofittable, which means you can upgrade your old 4 Seasons hatch without any dramas. Features include ergonomic vent controls, three opening positions and improved sealant adhesion.

RRP $550

For more information: Camec