5 Surefire ways to void your insurance policy

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5 Surefire ways to void your insurance and have your claim rejected

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your insurance claim rejected, right? But if you don’t read the fine print at renewal or when obtaining a new policy, you could accidentally give the insurance company a reason to void your policy. Regardless of whether you’re insuring your caravan, camper, trailer, RV or towing vehicle, there are a few things that you should definitely avoid when it comes to insurance. Here are five to add to your list.

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1. Don’t tell porkies on the application form

Yep, telling a lie (even a teeny one) on the application form is a quick way to ensure your insurance claim is rejected. “Forgetting” that you had previous claims to score a cheaper premium and make the whole process quicker will inevitably come back to bite you. If the insurance company doesn’t run a background check upfront, they will definitely do it when you make a claim, thus giving them a valid reason to click “denied”.

2. Don’t assume “she’ll be right

If your vehicle is stolen because you left your keys in it or your caravan was broken into because you didn’t lock it, there is a good chance your insurance claim won’t be accepted. Many policies require physical evidence of force or violent entry as proof of theft and/or damage. She’ll be right definitely won’t cut it if there is no evidence of this.


Basically, you need to take all reasonable care to prevent loss or damage. This also includes (but is not limited to) moving your RV away from rising flood waters (if it’s safe), ensuring all your windows are locked, keeping carrying loads within the limits, avoiding driving through flood water and maintaining any security devices.

3. Don’t let your RV go to s***t

Many of us have let ourselves go at various points in our lives, but don’t let your RV do the same. If the vehicle’s state of repair contributed to the damage, there is a good chance your claim will be rejected. So make sure your vehicle or caravan is regularly maintained and is in a roadworthy condition.  

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4. Don’t do dumb stuff

If you’ve had a few too many when your vehicle is damaged, there is a good chance your insurance claim will not be accepted. Blowing over the limit is a big fat no-no, as is driving or towing unlicensed. Actually, doing anything illegal that contributes to the damage is a sure-fire way to void your insurance policy.

5. Don’t assume your policy will cover you off-road

Surprisingly very few insurance policies will cover you off-road the way that you need them to. Got bogged up to your eyeballs on a family trip to Double Island Point and the tide is coming in? Nah sorry, not covered. Broken down in the Simpson? It’s a no to that too.  

Not all insurance policies are created equal and many only cover you when driving on gazetted roads. Kinda takes all the fun out of it, hey?

If you plan to do any off-road driving, check out Club4x4 insurance. They offer an insurance product specifically for 4×4 enthusiasts and take the grey area out of what’s covered. Likewise, KT Insurance offers insurance specifically for RVs.

In conclusion …

So in conclusion, don’t tell fibs on your application form, don’t make it easy for your vehicle to be stolen, don’t do anything dumb and illegal, look after your vehicle and make sure you have the right insurance for the kind of driving you plan to do.

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