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TYREDOG Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring Kit TD-2700F-X kit

A blown-out tyre in the bush can leave you stranded, cursing and with a hefty bill to cough up. While dramatic blow-outs are quite often attributed to a sidewall puncture, in many circumstances this is not actually the case and a slow, unidentified leak may be to blame. The slow leak creates a drop in pressure that allows the tyre to flex more, building up heat in the process, eventually causing the tyre to give way. For this reason, a tyre pressure monitoring system like the Tyredog is an invaluable accessory for any van and tow rig. By simply replacing your existing valve caps with the pressure monitors, changes as small as 0.5 PSI in pressure and one degree in temperature are transmitted in real time to an LCD screen in the cabin. By detecting a fault early, the Tyredog allows you to pull up and rectify the situation before it becomes a problem or danger to you and your family. Better still, if one tyre can be saved by the Tyredog, then the system has paid for itself.

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