Isuzu MUX

Long-term Test Isuzu MU-X

Along with our mates at Unsealed 4X4 magazine, Isuzu has been generous enough to lend us an MU-X for a long-term test.

For images, videos and the full RV Daily experience, read this in our online magazine.

The MU-X follows the current trend of basing family wagons on ute chassis and then appointing them to suit a less workaday application – although a family can throw just as much at the interior of a vehicle as a bunch of tradies. The Isuzu we have is the LS-M spec level, which is the entry-level so we don’t get the leather upholstery and stop-start engine tech or side-steps but the MU-X is perfectly specced for our needs.

The 3.0-litre turbo-diesel has been proven in the D-Max ute for quite a while now and with figures of 130kW and 380Nm it’s not at the top of the performance tree but it’s strong, capable and fuel efficient.  A vital figure for the RV Daily test regime is the towing capacity of 3000kg. Again, it’s a step down from the class leaders but there is a heap of great caravans to choose from in the appropriate weight range not to mention myriad camper-trailers that you can hook-up and head off with.

For its dual role at both mags the guys at Isuzu HQ decided that the MU-X should have some accessories fitted to make sure its testing time was a little easier to cope with. As you can see from the pics above the MU-X has already been to the Flinders Ranges, and benefited from a snorkel and a bullbar and being the LS-M spec the MU-X already rolls on 245/70 R16 Dunlop Grandtrek All-Terrain tyres.

So over the next few months we aim to combine a few tests and make sure the Isuzu MU-X is hitched up and put through its paces as a tow vehicle and an off-road tourer.



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  • It can come with Side Bars (Scrub Bars) and Side Steps, I have the set on my MU-X, however my sidestep mounting came loose causing the long range tank to push into the tail shaft, I checked the mounting and it’s terrible. There is now a chunk missing from my tank. Hopefully TJM or the ISUZU dealer who installed them will make it right soon.

  • The elephant in the room with the MUX are tyres and towing. You can’t get all terrain tyres on the 17×7 or 18×7 rims ( 2016, 2017 models ) so you are out of pocket $2K plus to replace rims and tyres and as Isuzu will void warranty if you use a wdh you are up for another $2K in suspension upgrades.

    Why don’t journalists do s real life test so that buyers are informed of pitfalls of these vehicles.

    By the way, 65 litre fuel tank is pretty poor compared to the 75-80 norm.

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