ISSUE 001 – The incredible first edition


RV Daily’s new digital magazine has finally landed! We hope you all enjoy reading, watching and clicking it just as much as we enjoyed making it for you!!

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  • Hi
    I am not writing to debate the pros and cons of the 3500kg tow rating on dual cab Utes.
    I would like to point out that the author has either no idea of what he is talking about it is not very good at basic subtraction.
    The tow weight is the maximum ATM the caravan which includes the tow ball load.
    Somehow the article subtracts 3500kgs from the GCM of 6000kgs, then subtracts another 350kgs ball weight from the GVM.
    The caravan does not weigh 3850kgs.
    The car IS legal and can carry more weight.

  • Has a great mix of articles for caravan veterans and newbies as well. Should be called the “RV Encyclodedia”

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