Torqit Power Module Plus

ByRV DailyJuly 2, 2018
Torqit Power Module Plus

Do you want to get more power, torque and fuel efficiency out of your tow vehicle? The Torqit Power Module Plus, which suits a wide range of diesel and turbo-petrol vehicles, claims to improve the air-to-fuel ratio to make the engine operate more efficiently. In others words, it creates more power by maximising the energy output from each drop of fuel, at the same time as using less fuel. The unit can be used as a hardwired or a Bluetooth-controlled module. You can remotely tune your engine to suit your driving style or condition, simply by downloading Torqit’s Connect app and scanning the barcode on the back of the module. The five-year warranty will give you peace of mind, as will the knowledge that the unit has been extensively tested for Australian conditions.

RRP $1390-$1490 depending on vehicle model


For more info, check out this video HERE