The ultimate deterrent for campers who camp too close!

ByRV DailyApril 16, 2020
The ultimate deterrent for campers who camp too close!

We have found the ultimate deterrent for campers who camp too close! It’s a set of DIY bagpipes.

It’s a perfect solution. It sends a clear message that camping right on top of someone you don’t know when there’s acres of space for all isn’t on. Just in case a global pandemic isn’t enough to stop the close camper when we can hit the road once more, for now, when we’re stuck at home, possibly with kids too, this DIY deterrent is perfectly timed. Not only that, but it’s also lightweight and nowhere near as difficult to store as a trombone. So, here we go, how to make bagpipes out of a garbage bag and recorders.


1 The bagpipe

At the most basic level, bagpipes have four parts:

A bag to hold the air

A blowpipe to blow air into the bag

A chanter to play a melody

And a drone which plays a constant note

Pic 1

2 Materials

1 garbage bag or large plastic bag

2 Recorders (or 2 PVC Recorders:

2 Pens (You can also use a decent-size straw or a piece of hose)




3 Make the blowpipe

To make the blowpipe out of pens, just take the pens apart and tape them together.


Step 4 Trim the bag

We won’t be needing an entire garbage bag, so trim it down some, maybe 3/4 the size of a regular garbage bag.


Step 5 Attach the blowpipe to bag

Tape the blowpipe to one side of the open bag. I like to put the blowpipe in a good inch or two into the bag to make sure no air escapes. Go ahead and tape up 1/4 of the open part of the bag too.


Step 6 Attach the drone

Take one recorder, which will act as the drone, and tape it near 1/4 of the bag length down from the blowpipe. Make sure you do not cover up the whistle part of the recorder and that the mouthpiece is in the bag.

Then close up the rest of the open part of the bag, making it airtight.


Step 7 Attach the Chanter

Cut a hole in the corner of the bag that is on the same side as the blowpipe. Attach the other recorder to the hole, and this will act as the chanter.


Step 8 Modify the Drone

Tape up some holes on the drone to make it sound like how you want it to. This is the part that plays a constant note, so try to make it a note you like [this bit isn’t vital as a camper scarer]. Covering up all the holes works the best, I think.


Step 9 Have Fun!

Go ahead and play with your new bagpipes. Check for any leaks and fix them with tape. Should you wish to follow a new musical career, then the internet is full of videos to help you. You just play the chanter like a recorder.

NOTES from the maker: The bagpipe in the video looks a bit different because I made it larger than the one I did in the Instructable, I find it works better if it’s a little on the big side. Also, you will notice I have no idea how to play a recorder, but someone with some musical talent should be able to get some nice melodies out of this.

This is all in a bit of fun! All the credit goes to user wasabi32746 at for this amazing camping solution. Head to for more stuff to do – keep the kids busy.