The RVMAP key

ByRV DailyMarch 16, 2017
The RVMAP key

So many reasons to look for the key!

You can win a brand-new Volkswagen Touareg 150TDI just by purchasing an RVMAP accredited recreational vehicle from now until June 23, 2017. The RVMAP Accreditation Key is a symbol that the manufacturer of your caravan, camper or motorhome has made a commitment to build and supply product that consistently adheres to Australian Standards as well as design rules and regulations (ADR).

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What the RVMAP key says about the accredited business

  • They are committed to adhere to the program’s Code of Practice and Code of Ethics, which go beyond the government rules and regulations.
  • They have agreed to have their products randomly and regularly reviewed.
  • They are committed to continually improving standards as an industry as well as their own products.
  • They have chosen to be part of this industry program as a representation of their commitment to compliance.
  • They have access to extensive technical support to ensure both their industry and product knowledge are up to date.

What this means for you as the buyer
As a buyer, the RVMAP Accreditation Key provides a greater level of certainty when you are dealing with manufacturers of caravans, campers and motorhomes. It is by no means a warranty of compliance or a guarantee of quality for your vehicle – these reside with the manufacturer. However, the key does mean that the accredited business has agreed to be held accountable to the RVMAP Accreditation program, which indicates that they are committed to compliance and the highest industry standards.

Buying a new recreational vehicle can be far more complex than a new car, for example, some key areas that the rules and regulations cover include:

  • Gas and electrical systems.
  • Towing and undercarriage equipment.
  • Suspension and braking systems.
  • Permissible masses and ratings.

It is important to note that the absence of the RVMAP Key does not necessarily mean the manufacturer is non-compliant or that they lack a commitment to compliance, you must make your own thorough investigations into their manufacturing standards to find out.

Caravan forums and caravan shows are a great way to research your purchase and when armed with this knowledge you can then look for RVMAP accredited manufacturers to provide the product of your dreams.

Look for the ‘Accredited Manufacturers’ tab on the Caravan Industry of Australia website: