ByRV DailyJuly 25, 2017

With an GTM of 750kg this entry-level Teardrop Camper is perfect for
that quick getaway

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So many people love the idea of hitching up and heading out to explore this amazing backyard of ours. Once you start your investigation and see that some camper-trailers cost more than your car, it starts to look like you need to go into massive overdraft just to get a weekend away and the initial excitement wears off.

Well, that was the case… now you can buy a
basic camper-trailer for under $16,000. Yes, that’s right, for $15,999 you can pick up a camper-trailer and hit the road.

We took a Nipper Teardrop Trailer out for a few days to see what all the hype was about and how easy it actually is to enjoy.

You know you have a good thing going for you when, within the first 12 hours of being on the road, you are flagged down and asked about the camper-trailer you are towing.

The Nipper Teardrop Campers are built on solid foundations of hot-dipped galvanised chassis with a 75 x 50 mm drawbar, LED lights, 15-inch wheels and tyres and a flip-up jockey wheel.

The inside timbers have two coats of polyurethane. All the underside timber is rubber bitumen coated prior to installation, with solid insulation between the roof and ceiling – keeping it cosy in the cooler times. With the cross-opening doors and windows, the teardrop is cool in summer too.

All the windows and doors have bug-proof netting so all the little flying critters are kept outside.

The optional extra FoxWing awning is fantastic as it unfolds and gives you at least half the trailer undercover – and it only takes a couple of minutes to open up.

The kitchen pulls out easily and you have a fair bit of space for your basic cooking essentials. The pull-out can be leant on without it drooping.

With a standard 30-litre fridge and lunchbox stove you have everything you need. While you might not qualify for an MKR episode, you will easily cook up a memorable meal.

If the weather is bad or you need a midnight snack you can easily access the fridge and kitchen from inside the cabin (by lifting the lids on the shelf at the foot of the bed) and you can help yourself.

The 120-watt roof-mounted solar panel charges the 80Ah AGM battery, with enough power to keep the fridge and the interior and exterior LED lights running for a couple of days without connecting to mains power – giving you the option to free-camp when you want to.

You have to remember this is an entry-level camper-trailer so it has the bare essentials; but the big plus is you can add on to it. A standard set-up has only 12V outlets, but for a little bit extra you can have 240V outlets put in.

The beauty about this little red devil is you can do a quick stopover and all you have to do is open a door and climb into bed. It’s like a bedroom on wheels.

Now I am no princess, but I do feel that pea. I am used to a nice ultra-comfy mattress at home, yet to me the joy of touring is to rough it a bit so I can appreciate the luxuries of home. The mattress that comes with the Nipper is good but at 75mm it is really basic. Oh boy, I am soft. I needed to have a really good stretch in the morning to iron out the creaky muscles. But there is an easy fix: All you need is a mattress topper and it will be perfect for even the most precious prince or princess.

The limited internal storage may be a hindrance to those who like to bring a complete wardrobe for every occasion, but the front trailer tub and the option to add internal shelving gives you enough space to store everything you need for a weekend or a longer trip.

What we really enjoyed was that even though there’s no space on either side of the bed, having a door on each side means there’s no climbing over anyone to get to the other side of the bed – you can just open your door and climb in or out.



All in all, the simple design has merit. If storage is not a priority and you want the basics when camping, this Teardrop Nipper is the way to go. What I really like about this model is the fact that it is super-light at 450kg Tare; and I can have a basic model and then modify and upgrade it as I want it (not how a manufacturer thinks I want it) and it will be unique to me, plus a 12-month factory warranty..