Scoop: Adamas Caravans

Announcing the launch of a new Sunshine Coast manufacturer for 2016

Potential buyers are looking for flexibility and the freedom to customise their portable home and this is one market that Adamas Caravans has made sure to tap into. Launching this September, Adamas Caravans is a family owned and operated company, sharing a Meridan Plains site with the family’s already well-established caravan repair business.

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Adamas is the Greek word for diamond and that strong yet beautiful ideal has formed the essence of the new manufacturer’s design ideology, where modern luxury accompanies advanced engineering and technology within state-of-the-art designs.

Adamas Caravans is focused on individual customer satisfaction, offering the opportunity to make layout and equipment decisions based on personal preferences, but also proving technical know-how and experience pre and, importantly, post purchase.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to picking the right caravan for you and Adamas Caravans is committed to offering almost every option you can think of. By providing a custom building process customers can pick the length of the caravan, what suspension they want to run, interior layout and colour scheme and of course which accessories are to be included.

Focusing on the design and manufacturing of a superior build, Adamas Caravans is also looking to master what it terms ‘deluxe customisation’ by tailoring its products in as many ways as is practical. With designers and engineers on hand to assist the process, Adamas Caravans aims to help you create the perfect caravan for you.




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