Rhino-Rack Pioneer Thru Axle Bike Carrier

ByRV DailyMarch 28, 2019
Rhino-Rack Pioneer Thru Axle Bike Carrier

Rhino-Rack know that many of us love bringing our bikes along on our caravan and 4WD adventures, which is why they’ve come up with the Pioneer Thru Axle Bike Carrier, specifically made to attach directly to your Pioneer system. The carrier is strong and durable and will firmly hold your bike in place, so you won’t have to worry about any sway or rocking while you’re driving. The install is quick and easy, as it uses your existing bike skewer and a quick-release strap to safely secure the rear tyre. The kit comes pre-assembled with a 15 x 100mm thru axle insert and there’s also additional sizes you can purchase.

RRP $129

For more information: Rhino-Rack