Projecta boosts its range of RV Power Management Systems

ByRV DailyJuly 3, 2020
Projecta boosts its range of RV Power Management Systems

Projecta boosts its range of RV power management systems with the INTELLI-RV range for RVs and caravans to now include a second Bluetooth-compatible model, the PM300-BT.

Formerly available only on the range-topping PM400, the Bluetooth feature allows users to control and monitor key electronics from the comfort and ease of their smartphone using the official app.

Like the PM400, the PM300-BT comes with a remote LCD screen that offers information on battery/solar charging (Volts, Amps, SoC, time remaining), up to four water tank level inputs with pump control, a load switch, night/silent mode for quiet operation. The main wiring unit features 14 fused outputs for wiring up 12V appliances and lighting, WAGO terminals for easy installation, plus a host of protection features and sensors to ensure easy, safe operation and monitoring of electricals. The all-in-one power-management solution offers 30A (12V) five-stage charging, 35A power supply, 30A MPPT solar charging and 100A DC VSR.

Projecta Intelli-RV Pm300 Bt

IDC25/45 Charge Link

Projecta has also released an IDC Charge Link that allows users of INTELLI-RV power management systems (excluding PM100) to install its popular IDC25 and IDC45 dual battery solar chargers in parallel and achieve full compatibility and communication between the two systems. A broad range of batteries, including GEL, AGM, wet, calcium and lithium, can be effectively managed using Projecta’s IDC25 and IDC45 chargers.

New accessories

If your needs run to a total installation, Projecta has also added several sensors and extra length cables to the range of INTELLI-RV accessories. The new accessories cater to those working with larger vehicles. They include a 200mm Water Sensor with 7.5m of cable, a Battery Sensor with 10m of cable, 10m and 15m cables for the remote LED and LCD displays that feature in the PM200, PM300, PM300-BT and PM400.

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