New Age Caravans to get access to Walkinshaw design studio

ByIsaac BoberNovember 18, 2019
New Age Caravans to get access to Walkinshaw design studio

Following the acquisition of New Age Caravans by the Walkinshaw Automotive Group, New Age will be given access to the Walkinshaw Design Studio.

New Age Caravans has said its acquisition by the Walkinshaw Automotive Group will allow it to emerge as an “innovative market leader”. New Age Caravans said its aim is to leverage off the engineering and design prowess of its parent company.

“To gain a unique foothold in the market, our focus has been on using their resources to design and tool our own components and build new products that can’t be replicated by other manufacturers,” said Chief Operating Officer of New Age Caravans Oliver Lukeis.

“At the moment the RV industry is much like the building industry where houses are designed and built using the same components and materials, and we want to change this by taking advantage our new capabilities to introduce an unmatchable level of design, engineering, quality and safety to our products.”

“We can use the Walkinshaw Design Studio as well as the testing facilities over at Walkinshaw, which gives us a very competitive edge.

“We have access to their seven-post rig that can replicate 1000 kilometres of rough durability testing, and it’s the only one in Australia so no other manufacturer is capable of meeting the same standards we do.”

“While we are still in the early stages of development, but we’ve already developed our own robotic-welded chassis which provides better accuracy and quality, and it’s been incorporated into about 60 percent of our existing product range,” said Lukeis.