Boil 1L of water in less than 3.5 minutes, this is one pocket rocket every traveller needs!
Travelling with your portable house in tow means you can bring all of the extra accessories that make life on the road a breeze. However, a portable gas stove may seem like a strange addition when you have everything including the kitchen sink on wheels behind your vehicle but hear me out. You have bene on the road for a few hours, it is just about cuppa time but the last thing you want to do is have to work your way into the pop-top, do a half set up just to get the cups out of the cupboard. The MSR Pocket Rocket eliminates all the hassle by providing a quick and easy way to enjoy a tea and bickie break. Just pop the water on the flame, pick your brew and four minutes later het presto. Weighing 85g, the stove itself is palm sized, add in the gas bottle size of your choice even a wind shield and this Pocket Rocket is still small enough to tuck into the back of the car.

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