Macca: It’s time for a status update!

ByRV DailySeptember 5, 2018
Macca: It’s time for a status update!

Everywhere I go now people tell me how busy they are. Our standard conditioned greeting of “how ya goin’?” used to bring a response of anything from “good” to “bad” to things that made you wish you never asked, but now the typical response seems to be “busy”. Once upon a time it was only the high flyers who told us how busy they were, but now everyone is apparently as busy as a one-armed man at a sign language festival.


I’m not sure if we have all become “busy” or if we’ve just all grown to like to tell everyone we’re “busy”, but either way, it seems to be a problem. Some people are so busy they “don’t have time to scratch themselves”, which must be debilitating. I mean, when I get an itch I have to deal with it – imagine being so busy you couldn’t do that! I’ve even met people who “don’t have time to think” – WOW! How did you get that busy?

Apparently, busy people lose control of their lives, and their ability to do the things they’d like to do is removed from them by the “Busy Gods”. I’m going to need your help with this one, so let’s get busy!

For some reason when I bump into someone when I’m camping and ask them the standard conditioned question “how ya goin?” they never respond with “busy”. The answer is generally “good”, “having a ball” or something similar, so I’ve got a theory: camping cures busy. If we can all grab at least one “busy” person and take them camping, I think we can solve the problem. I’m pretty sure this could be the game changer these poor buggers need to allow them to scratch and think again. Imagine how nice it will be when we can ask the question and the answer is, “I’m flat out planning my next camping trip”. Let the high flyers get back to being the only busy people I say, and let the rest of us get back to being happy and going about our business at a mediocre pace … people seemed to smile more back then.

The next time someone asks you how you are, tell them you’re good, tell them you’re bad or tell them about that irritating itch that you have all the time in the world to scratch, but don’t tell them you’re busy. If they tell you they’re busy, tell them that’s a shame because you’re going camping and if they weren’t so “busy” they could have come.

I will be happy when the only thing that is busy is the bar tap on pay day!