Ironman 4×4 Canvas Tailor Made Seat Covers

ByRV DailyMarch 7, 2019
Ironman 4×4 Canvas Tailor Made Seat Covers

When heading off-road with your pride and joy, it’s inevitable that mud and muck will be dragged into your vehicle, but you needn’t let your seats get ruined. This is where Ironman 4×4’s range of Canvas Tailor Made Seat Covers enter the picture. Made from 12oz canvas that is water, mud and fire retardant, with an added extra sandwich layer of foam for comfort, these airbag-compatible covers protect your seat and act as a non-slip base. Each seat cover is specifically designed to suit your specific vehicle type, ensuring a perfect fit and a neat look. There’s even a built-in rear storage pocket – perfect for holding your travel maps!


For more information: Ironman 4X4