Invitation to the 2020 Victorian Caravan & Camping Virtual Show


Caravan Industry Victoria CEO Rob Lucas is extending a personal invitation to the 2020 Victorian Caravan & Camping Virtual Show.

Like the Facebook party posts that go viral, this time as many of you that can come is welcome. None of the usual excuses are valid either: Locked down? Perfect. Nothing to wear? That’s fine, too. Even if you’re lucky enough to be travelling, you can still attend, wherever you are. It’s almost the perfect show, not sure what the pies are like where you are, though.

In a season of nearly-events, due to the COVID-19 crisis, it’s definite that the 2020 Victorian Caravan & Camping Virtual Show will go ahead between September 30 and October 4. (Please note the news story we ran that reported the change of dates earlier last month.)

Check out the message from Caravan Industry Victoria (CIV) CEO, Rob Lucas, as he extends an invitation he hopes you’ll all accept. As we know, like many others, the caravan industry has taken a huge hit this year and uncertainty surrounds the immediate future, too. What better way to try to continue in as normal a way as possible, and help boost the economy if you can.


There will be a huge array of virtual exhibitors, offering show specials, sales advice and new innovations in information delivery via this virtual medium. And you won’t’ have to find a park. All you need to do is follow the link and register your attendance for the show. Of course, being a virtual show, if you feel like attending at 3.17am, you can! The show will be ‘open’ 24-hours during those dates.

We know how attractive show deals can be but these are unusual times, so we should be able to expect something special. Plus the show favourite will offer loads of prizes in the Passport to Freedom competition – just by visiting the site and speaking to the exhibitors or watching a presentation.

Exhibitors will set up their virtual stands, offer video presentations, some live events and whatever comes to fruition from inventive minds between now and show dates. There will be plenty more announcements as the show comes to life.

Principal Show Partner Reminder

Rob Lucas said, “This is about providing consumers with the ability to continue to compare and explore everything in one place, just like they would at one of our four annual shows. Consumers can interact; chat and video call with exhibitors, watch demonstrations and ask questions, collect brochures on products they like and get the deal they are looking for.”

“We are delighted RV Online (a Leisure-Tec brand) has come on board as our inaugural partner,” Mr Lucas continued.

Paul Widdis General Manager of RV Online (a Leisure-Tec Brand) said, “We are so excited to partner with the Caravan Industry of Victoria to help bring this virtual show to life. It is an Australian and even maybe a world-first for the caravanning industry, and we are proud to partner with this. RV Online is all about the digital landscape and helping customers in these difficult times get access to quality products in preparation for their next adventure. It is great to see the CIV realising this shift in consumer be­haviour and bringing the ‘show’ to the people.”

And for once, no-one will bat an eye if you’re at the show in your pyjamas and uggs. That’s got to be worth the price of admission (which is free, remember).

Have a look at the What’s On page here

5 Reasons to attend the show!

1. No need to wait in line! Compare and explore the show using your computer, phone or tablet easily, from anywhere; your home, the school pick-up or the office

2. Ask knowledgeable and experienced exhibitors your burning questions to get all the information you need, you can chat directly with industry experts

3. Visit the show at any time that suits you, it’s open 24 hours a day for five days

4. Once you find the products of your dreams, connect with the exhibitor via chat or request a quote and they will work with you

5. If you want, you can purchase your camping equipment or accessories directly from our exhibitors’ online secure stores with the click of a button.

If you’re up for accepting your invitation to the 2020 Victorian Caravan & Camping Virtual Show, then to register your attendance click here




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